Not Again: Samsung’s Galaxy X May Not Launch This Year

Not Again: Samsung Galaxy X May Not Launch This Year

Not Again: Samsung Galaxy X May Not Launch This Year

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Samsung Galaxy X will finally debut in November. But if you’re hoping to buy it in time for the holidays, you’re out of luck.

That’s what sources speaking to the Korea Herald recently had to say. They told the news outlet that Samsung will only unveil its foldable Samsung Galaxy X at its show in November. It’ll then follow that with an official release either at CES in January or at Mobile World Congress in February.

Samsung said recently that it plans to unveil the Galaxy X at its Samsung Developers Conference in November. It’s typically not a place for Samsung to launch new devices. Instead, it’s a showcase for the company to discuss all the technologies it’s working on and share some insight into what the future might look like for the company.

The show kicks off on Nov. 7 and will be held at Moscone West in San Francisco, Calif.

The Samsung Galaxy X has been the subject of countless rumors over the last several years. And although we still don’t have a clear view of exactly how it’ll work, Samsung’s mobile chief did say that it won’t come with a hinge, as some had predicted. Instead, it’ll be a completely foldable device.

According to Korea Herald sources, the Galaxy X has been codenamed “Winner” inside Samsung’s walls. The device will come with three 3.5-inch OLED panels that will in some way work together to create a unique visual experience. It’s still unknown how much the handset will cost and whether it’ll definitely keep the Galaxy X branding or be called the Galaxy F.

Aside from the Galaxy X, Samsung’s Developers Conference might play host to more details on the company’s Galaxy Home speaker, an “industry source” told Korea Herald. Samsung has revealed plans to deliver a new speaker that would compete with Apple HomePod, among others, but hasn’t revealed much.

At the developers’ conference, according to the report, Samsung will deliver all the latest details on its upcoming speaker.

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