6 Wrong Things That You Are Doing Regular with Your Smartphone

6 Wrong Things That You Are Doing Regular with Your Smartphone - Bishal Tech

We have been using Android for a long long time now but there are a few things that we are still doing wrong on Android. And you must be thing also, what could you possibly do wrongly run on your android smartphone. Well, believe me, there are numerous things that u are doing wrong on your android device. In fact, if you are an android user then this blog is definitely must read for you.

In this blog, we are showing you the 6 things that you might be doing wrong on your Android smartphone. These are simple things that affect the working of an Android device. So, follow these Android tips and improve your Android smartphone’s speed and performance. 6 Wrong Things That You Are Doing Regular with Your Smartphone are:-

  1. Installing apps from unknown source
  2. Killing apps from the recent apps menu
  3. Using an Antivirus software
  4. Using battery savers
  5. Rooting phone
  6. Charging Phone for a full night

1:- Installing Apps from Unknown Sources.
If you want an app for your android phone then you should have to download that app from Google Play Store. But may peoples just search for that app on the google and visits to different websites? Many peoples will do this work for getting the paid app for free of cost. But you should never do this thing. This may harm your mobile phones by sending malicious codes to your phones and damage the data in your phone.

2:- Killing Apps from Recent Apps Menu.
Most of the android users do this thing every day. They open the recent app menu and deleting the recent apps by swiping left, right. They think that this will increase the speed of their mobile phones. This will harmful for your phone. When you delete an app from the recent apps menu and open again that app, the system will start that app from the beginning. This process will take more time and it will effect on the processor and battery also.

2:- Killing Apps from Recent Apps Menu.

3:- Using An Antivirus Software.
After buying a new phone, many peoples were installing antivirus on their mobile phones. Actually, you don’t need any antivirus until you download apps and files from the trusted sources. If you use antivirus in your mobile phones than it also giving the load to the processor. We recommend you do not install any antivirus in your android phone.3:- Using An Antivirus Software.

4:- Using Battery Savers.
Everyone wants to increase the battery life of their phones. Many Peoples were installed with different battery savers to increase the battery life of their Android phones. The battery savers do not do any special work on your phone. They just do the same work which is mentioned in 2nd point as not to do. Along with it, the battery saver just does some basic things like turn off wifi and Bluetooth when you did not use them, decrease the brightness of your phone screen etc. You can do those work by yourself also. So we suggest you do not use any battery saver in your android phone.4:- Using Battery Savers.

5:- Rooting Phone
Rooting is like a fashion over these days. After buying an Android smartphone, many peoples want to root their android phones. If you know what is rooting and how to root, then only you have to do it, otherwise, it may harm your phone. So we recommend you to not to root without knowing about that.

6:- Charging Phone for a full night
Now we get to the most significant threat to your lithium-ion or lithium-polymer battery, which is heat. Granted, batteries dislike the cold just about as much as they dislike the heat, but the latter is more relevant when it comes to leaving your device plugged into its charger overnight. However, that’s not to say that your charging habits can’t have an effect on the health and longevity of your battery. While you’re not at risk of overheating your battery by leaving your phone plugged in overnight, we’ll still walk you through a number of tips you can incorporate into your charging habits to keep your device’s battery in tip-top shape.6:- Charging Phone for a full night

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