UC Giveaway Contribution

Welcome To UC Giveaway Contribution Program From Khatra Gamer YouTube Channel

It is simple guys I have made this for only our subscribers who are really supporting and loving my stream. I planed this for only you guys, not for me. if you really want UC For Free With your 2min work every week then keep supporting and just follow whatever information is given below. (Also, Support More Here Click)

  1. This is only for subscribers make sure you have subscribed our channel Khatra Gamer
  2. You can do these all the steps after every 30min from your same device. (if u can then use other devices also for more help)
  3. Its simple just do these steps which is shown below

Note: Before Doing This Please Disable Your Ad Blocker

1. Link Will Be Here


2. After Clicking On Link


3. Simply Scroll Little Bit And Check on I’m Not Robot Then Press on Continue

4. Again Scroll To the Last And Wait for 6 sec and click On Get link


5. Then If You Reach To The final Page Then Just open 3-5 Page randomly for 2min then Simply Close The Browser


6. If You Want To Support Additionally To Us Then Support By Clicking Of Other ads 2 clicks every 24hr


7. If You Have any Issue With These Step Then please scroll to the top and watch that video you will get some idea.

8. Every 2hr Analytics Will Be Updated On Our Facebook Please Follow Now Bishal Guru

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10. If You Need Quotes For Friend Love Family Then Click Here

Note:- Remember When Every We Will Reach $5 Then we will do the UC Giveaway On Our Live Stream By Custom Room EveryWeek So Be Active On Here As Well As Our Channel